Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amazing Chic Nails: Autumn Collection

Helloooooo! Today I have a special post that includes three polishes from a new-to-me indie brand Amazing Chic Nails made by the talented Fiona! She began her shop in March of this year and that makes each one of these polish even more impressive! All of her lacquers are vegan, cruelty and 3 free, and are NEVER tested on animals!  

The two full size polishes are from her new Autumn collection which is releasing on September 1st and the mini is from her Late Summer collection. Lets jump right into the swatches!

First we have Buckingham Palace a beautiful purple creme polish has a gorgeous delicate iridescent peach-violet shimmer to it. Shown in 4 thin coats. This is such a stunner. In the bottle it looked like a regular purple but on the nails the shimmer came out to play and it almost appeared as if I were looking at my nails underwater. Hard to explain but it had a delicate color/duochrome shift quality to it or like shimmer suspended in jelly.  

This purple is just so vibrant and has that "glows from within" quality to it.

King’s Road is a rich gold crème base. Shown in 2 coats. POW! This is an attention grabbing gold. Formula was awesome - just two easy coats and the shimmer makes it a real stunner. I will definitely be using this is some nail art soon! (I'm thinking King's Road and Buckingham palace will make the perfect pair for Mardi Gras nails!

My first thought was yellow, but this is truly glowing and golden! I feel like royalty wearing this color. King Midas anyone?!

Falling Leaves is an Autumn inspired glitter topper featuring various brown, gold, 
red, and orange glitters. Shown in 1 coat. I saved my favorite for last! How pretty is this glitter topper? Looking in the bottle I thought the glitter would be sparse, but wow. A brush stroke packs the perfect punch. I layered it over two coats of Formula X Dynamic. The same combination I used in my fox nail art last week. P.S. this is WITHOUT a top coat. All that shine is from the polish. :D

Isn't that so pretty for Fall? Reminds me of October in Tennessee. <3 

King's Road and Falling Leaves will be releasing on September 1st at along with 5 other polishes in the Autumn collection. Each lacquer is 15ml and retails for $10 a piece or $60 for the entire Autumn Collection. (That's a savings of $10 *An entire polish for free*) 

If you want to be updated on Amazing Chic Nails newest collections you can find her contact info below:

Shop  Facebook
♥ Twitter @TheAmazingChic
♥ Instagram: @AmazingChicNails and #amazingchicnails
♥ Email:

Will you be picking up any of these beauties during the release? You can view the entire collection here. I'm so in love with that that shimmery blue and red and the jelly blue with glitters. WOW! Gorgeous. :D Hope you enjoyed my swatches and tag me @PolishedPooka if you grab any of these indies up, I'd love to see you Amazing Chic manicures! 

♥ Pooka

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Never Enough Rose Gold

I have always loved rose gold. Yes, even before it came popular. (I'm being a rose gold hipster now.) So when I found Orly Rage. I had to have it. I know it's an older color, but wow! It's just so pretty! Metallic-y, rosy, gold-y... Lovely. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Freehand: Animals

So I talked last week about the Freehand Nail Art group on Facebook - this week's challenge is Animals. I was super excited for this challenge because I recently sent my friend this adorable bag from Mod Cloth and I knew I had to make a tiny fox to match! 

I used a base of Formula X and a new glitter polish from Amazing Chic Lacquers Falling Leaves. (I'll be posting a full review soon, I have one more lacquer from her Fall collection to share, as well as one from the late Summer collection!)  Isn't it a beautiful glitter?! Love!

The fox is acrylic, I mixed the orange myself. Turned a little more orange than I had hoped, but I think the overall fox is adorable.

Here I did a quick matte top coat. Love those glitters! Anyway, I think I matched it pretty well, don't you? Thanks for looking!

♥ Pooka

Check out the other girls' Animal manicures below

Saturday, August 16, 2014

MoYou: Lace Bridal Look

Hello my lovelies! As some of you may know, I'm planning a wedding... or in the stages of thinking about planning a wedding... err... I think about it sometimes and kind of sort of have plans on making plans. In any case, a wedding that I will be involved in will be happening soon. Phew, now that I'm officially stressed out, let's get on to the nail art. I recently purchased MoYou Bridal 06 because I love lace patterns, so I thought i'd try my hand at a bridal look. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Freehand: Complimentary Colors

When I started blogging about polish, I started looking for resources of other nail polish lovers. That's when I found Facebook groups! Yes, if you didn't already know, there are a plethora of nail polish related Facebook groups! A new one was formed recently called "Freehand Nail Art." Although I'm not entirely talented with freehand, I felt like the group would inspire me to practice more, and if nothing else, I'd see some awesome art! Well, I was right, and the group started a weekly challenge to share their art! The first prompt was Complimentary Colors. This means opposite colors on the color wheel. Such as blue and orange, red and green, or in my case, pink and light green! (With a touch of yellow.)

Right hand
The base is OPI My Vampire is Buff (one of my go-to nail art base shades.) The rest was created with acrylic paint and the bundle monster nail art brushes.

Left hand
The funniest part to me is that my right hand turned out prettier than my left! I think it's because I have to concentrate SO hard to get straight lines on my right hand that I end up taking my time.

Right hand
 So this design is super simple, though very reminiscent of my FIRST freehand nail art years and years ago. (When I was about 12 years old!) I did a simple vine/dot flower manicure, and it was the shizz. (According to my other 12 year old friends.)

I have tons of room for improvement, but it was fun to practice and participate in a challenge! I can't wait to paint the prompt for next week - Animals!

♥ Pooka

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Multi-Chrome Comparison

Heya gals. I don't know about you, but I love, love, love comparison posts! It helps me decide which colors I need and which ones I can pass up on. My misfortune of buying near dupes can be of use to you! YAY! 

Here I have from L to R KB Shimmer Shade Shifter, ILNP Sirene, Colors by Llarowe Show Me Again!, Polish Me Silly Paradise. (Don't mind the weird side picture... my Alaskan-made light box is too small!)

Here you can see them again, L to R, Polish Me Silly, Colors by Llarowe, ILNP, and KB Shimmer. As you can see, the pointer and middle are almost identical except the CbL Sirene has a slight holographic shimmer and the PMS (can we just laugh together about this abbreviation for a moment?) Anyway, the PMS Paradise on the pointer has no holo shimmer. Other than that, I couldn't tell these polishes apart. Both were equally shifty and beautiful!

ILNP Sirene on the ring finger was noticeably more green but with with same purple shift. The KB Shimmer was probably the most different of the bunch. It is a deep blue with a dark purple shift. Absolutely stunning!

Here's a bonus shot PMS on my pointer and CbL on my middle finger. Aren't those pretty darn close aside from that tiny bit of holo shimmer? Yeah, I probably will be destashing these both. I'll probably keep the CbL just because it has the holographic in it, but both are gorgeous.

(These are not affiliate links, just links for your convince!)
Retail price:
KB Shimmer Shade Shifter - 8.75 for .5oz 
ILNP Sirene - 12.5 for .12oz
 Colors by Llarowe Show Me Again! - 12.5 for .12oz
Polish Me Silly Paradise - 12.5 for .5  

So decisions up to you! Do you own any of these? If not I'd recommend any one of them! (Just maybe not all of them ;)   )

♥ Pooka

Monday, August 4, 2014

Light as a...

Hello lovelies. Today I have some stamped nail art to share with you using my new Sugar Bubble plates that I am SO in love with, as well as to announce an awesome restock going on tomorrow. Keep reading to find out all the details!

To create this look I started with a subtle gradient base using Aurora Lacquers Sailor Eyes (swatch and review here) and I Love Nail Polish Admire Me. (Unfortunately, this beautiful polish is discontinued! However, Barbara has a TON of other beautiful colors on her site

Next I picked up my new Sugar Bubble plates and used SB 22 for the middle and ring fingers and SB 15 for the feather on my pointer fingers. These stamp like a dream! I can't wait to get more of her plates! Finally, I added a complex glitter from Aurora Lacquers, Nixie. Ahh, I could probably write a novel about this glitter. It's complete perfection. One coat and it sparkle and shines like you wouldn't believe. I actually received two compliments on this manicure, both were about the glitter!

Here's one of just the gradient, don't those colors transition flawlessly? I love it! Did I mention that the Aurora polish is practically a one coater? Yep. Awesome. 

Finally, here's a sun shot to show off all that amazing sparkle that my lights don't pick up. Just, WOW! I really loved this entire mani and wore it for about four days!

Onto the restock news, Aurora Lacquers is restocking the Summer Mystic Mermaid collection tomorrow (08/05/14) at 4pm EDT so pick up a bottle of Sailor Eyes and Nixie while you can! She also has a purple holo to DIE for. Seriously, check out my swatch/review of the collection!

You can purchase Aurora Lacquers on their Etsy site:
And follow them on Instagram @AuroraLacquers
and find them on Facebook here

The holographic polishes retail for $12 and the glitters for $10 each. 

Do you own any Aurora Lacquers? Will you be giving them a try during the restock tomorrow? Let me know!

 ♥ Pooka

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MoYou: Henna Inspired

Today's post will be the last post without my light box (hopefully!) the shots I took last night looked a MILLION TIMES BETTER! :D but these aren't bad, so I thought i'd show them anyway.

Also, I firmly believe the biggest fault of this blog is that I don't have a posting schedule! I kind of post when I post and don't post when I don't. So I'm committing to two days a week, Saturday and Wednesday. I may post more if I have something pressing ;) but I'm committing to those two days. Hopefully that will help keep me on track!  

Onto the nails! :P

I used a base of 2 coats of OPI I've Got the Blues for Red and stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold.

For the plate, I used MoYou Tourist 20 which has quickly become one of my favorite plates! It's so gorgeous!

What do you think? Do you like these Indian style designs? Do you have this plate by MoYou? I can't wait to try those flowers with some led lighting. 

♥ Pooka

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OMD2 Day 8: Shimmer

Shimmahhh! I love shimmer polishes so it was really hard to pick on for today's post. I ended up choosing one of my new polishes from Colors by Llarowe. Let's take a look!

Monday, July 7, 2014

OMD2 Day 7: Holographic

Holo ladies, hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! I am. I got some stuff done today, including the next two prompts for this challenge. Woo! Blogger accomplishments. Lets jump right in to today's holographic design.

For this simple manicure I used all KB Shimmer polishes except the white, which is acrylic paint. I started with two coats of KB Shimmer In Bare Form, then I used to strokes of KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin' to create the V shape. With acrylic paint I created the dots using a dotting tool. Then, to seal in the design and smooth out the bumps I added a generous coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top!

These were loosly inspired by Lana Del Rey's nails. Woo, she has the cutest vintage style!

This is such a pretty beige color, I had to add a quick shot of In Bare Form in it's own glory. Look at that gorgeous linear holo. It subtle but in your face at the same time. Is that possible? I have decided if I made a polish out of my skin...this would be the exact color. Too much? Ok, i'll reel it back in. ;)

♥ Pooka