Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aurora Lacquers Chakra Prism Collection

Hello lovelies! I've been on a full blown hiatus lately! After the flight home from Alaska the wind was taken from my sails after such a long Summer of work - I just wanted to enjoy the SUN for awhile and pretend the rainy Summer never happened. I'm so thankful for Tennessee weather. <3 

Though if there is anything that can bring me out of hiding, it's an Aurora Lacquers' collection release. This rainbow-tastic collection is named the Chakra Prism Collection and it is JUST GORGEOUS! I love having all these little bottles lined up on display in my bedroom. (and it's only the second full collection I own, next to my Gwen Stefani by OPI collection. She was my childhood idol. I needed it.)

Ok, let's dive on in! 

For each polish I used two easy coats and a top coat to add a little extra shine. Each polish applied smoothly and was packed to the brim with holographic pigment.

Muladhara Strength is a Silky red linear holo. This was a dream to apply and the holo was completely fantastic. Can you see that rainbow shift in the bottle in the picture above? 

Swadhisthana Desire is a Bright orange jelly linear holo. Though not until I read the description on Aurora Lacquers did I think "jelly." This was a fairly opaque polish in just two coats and totally packs a punch. This will be a really wonderful color for Halloween! 
One thing was the holographic pigment liked to settle on the bottom of the bottle. I turned mine upside down for around and hour but the bottle was so full of polish (a good thing!) that it didn't fall very easily so I ended up shaking it up to mix the pigment and letting it settle before I applied it. However, I have a mini bottle, so I'm sure a larger bottle would mix easier. (September, one of the masterminds behind Aurora Lacquers, includes two mixing balls in each full size bottle her polishes!)

Manipura Virtue is a Shimmery golden-yellow scattered holo. This is such a sunny color and an interesting one, too. In some lights it's yellow, in others golden and in others it's a chartreuse. 
(I was going to insert a joke about it being a chameleon with the "comma, comma, comma Chameleon song... turns out it's really "Karma Chameleon" Yeah, that's right. Karma. Learn something new everyday!)

Anahata Amour is a Earth green linear holo. This true green holo is spectacular! The holographic is so strong and lovely. I own nothing like this and it was definitely filled a hole in my collection. Pure love. 
This polish had some similar settling as Swadhisthana Desire (The orange) but nothing a little shaking/mixing won't fix.

Vishuddha Dream is a True blue linear holo. This is a lovely sky blue polish and unlike any blue I own - it's just so... (for lack of a better word) BLUE! I feel that it is described perfectly, a true blue, right on the mark.

Anja Vision is a Indigo linear holo with light blue and lilac shimmer. I really adore this Indigo beauty. In certain flashes you can see blue and in others you see purple. It's really a hidden gem in this collection as it's not blue nor purple, but I feel could be overlooked because it's similar to Vishuddha Dream. However, Anja Vision has a personality all it's own with winks of color hidden beneath those indigo sparkles.

Sahasrara Bliss is a Violet linear holo with lilac shimmer. This polish isn't a surprise favorite of mine. I knew it was a favorite when I first saw it! (Is it a surprise that I like purple?!) I love, love this color so much. It's a perfect purple with a subtle lilac shimmer throughout. Ugh. I love this color so much.  It's much punchier than the Aurora Lacquers' Siren's Aura purple from the Mystic Mermaid collection. You definitely need both!

Prism of Clarity is a A shimmery clear glitter topper filled with silver holo triangles and a rainbow of iridescent glitters. When I first saw this polish all I could say was "YAAASSSS!" And I was not disappointed when I layered it over Vishuddha Dream. The triangle glitters are perfection, the iridescent glitters look like magical unicorn cellophane and this polish is pure love. It's what Zoya's Monet wishes it were.

I had to do some fishing for the triangles as the majority had fallen in love with one wall of the polish bottle, though, after some separation anxiety, I was able to coax some holographic triangles onto my fingies. Pure love.

Lastly, I wanted to do a quick comparison between Anja Vision and Vishuddha Dream. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to quite capture the subtle differences in these polishes as well as I had hoped. Anja Vision really does have these incredible flashes of blue and violet, while dream is a pure "true blue" holographic.  

And that's all folks! If you're still reading, I don't blame you! ;) wasn't that collection gorgeous? I really loved the entire Chakra concept behind it. She could have easily just created a rainbow collection, but she took it a step further and connected these colors to a really cool concept. Let's hope each of these colors empowers your Chakras! 
Hint, hint, there will be a small give away in the near future, so check back soon! <3 If you'd like to purchase these lovelies, you can check out the links below. Each holographic is $12 and the glitter is $10 for a .15ml bottle.


 ♥ Pooka