Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve Nails

Purchased by Me

Hello friends! I simply can't believe that New Years Eve is upon us. Did the year really begin and finish? Was I awake for any of it? O_O Anyway, I created this look because what says NYE more than black and glitter? Nothing, I say! So here you have it. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plaid Nails for Christmas

Ahh plaid. The pattern of old man jammies everywhere - Isn't it perfect for my Winter Christmas nails? I've been playing around with so many different options to use for Christmas day at my fiancé's parents. I don't think theses are Christmas day winners, but I love them none the less.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Snow and Nicole by OPI - Giveaway Day 6!

These six days have been so much fun! I need to do giveaways more often. It really inspired me to keep posting momentum. Today brings us to the sixth and final giveaway. Does anyone remember why they started? I reached over 100 followers on Tumblr, but I have since surpassed 230! I think that's pretty freaking neat. So thank you to all my Tumblr followers, and to everyone who follows anywhere else, thank you for your support!

ONWARD to the polish!
Today I bring you one last Nicole by OPI and she's named "Always a Silver Lining" and I believe this one comes from the core collection. It's a beautiful frosty white/silver/blue shade that is simply freaking perfect for winter. Here I did some stamping art with MoYou Festive 04.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nicole by OPI and Giveaway Day 5!

Wowza. Did someone say New Years Partaaaaaay? ...jk. But doesn't this beautiful polish look like a disco ball? ¡Me encanta! This is Nicole by OPI "Luke of the Draw" from the Modern Family collection. I just love that show. I've been told that my fiancé is similar to Phil. Should I be worried? ;)

This polish is a black jelly base with small silver, circular glitters and large hex glitters. I didn't wear a top coat or a base coat with this because I honestly thought it would only be on my nails for a minute while I swatched it, but I ended up loving it! "Luke of the Draw" has lasted me 3 days without a top or base coat. That's pretty good in my book. It's just so much fun for a night out.

You can with this awesome polish from Nicole by OPI by entering below! :)

Good Luck! ♥ Pooka

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheetah Nails and Giveaway Day 4!

So, I think Cheetah is ... out? I don't know. I can't keep up with trends. What I do know is that it's a step outside my comfort zone. Are you kidding me? Pink cheetah? Who are you?! Though it may have something to do with this amazing Betsey Johnson cheetah and rose print wallet that I fell in love with recently but didn't buy because I don't NEED a wallet. (the life of being an adult : / ) Anyways, this has to be my favorite giveaway polish so far, it's Nicole by OPI "A Phil's Paradise" from the Modern Family collection, it's just so metallic and mirco-glittery!

I added this funky cheetah print on top ... do people still say funky as in cool? Why am I so old?! Anyway, I think it would be perfect for parties or something of the like. It's playful and I'm in love with the pink spots.

Here is my cat. She does not appear to be pleased. The pink spots are Ciaté "Kiss Chase" and the black lines are Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and I created some misshapen dots with my dotting tool and painted some irregular C shapes around them with my nail brush kit. The Ciaté polish was such a find, I was literally thinking about how much I wanted one of their polishes with that ADORABLE bow on it, and the next day I found it at TJ Maxx and it was the first time i'd ever seen that brand! Bizarre. I'll be doing a review soon because I bought a whole Ciaté kit! :)

Here is the polish without the nail art on it. Pretty freaking sweet, huh? Looks so shiny! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Half Moonicure and Giveaway Day 3!

Yay! It's day three and I have a beautiful purple polish from L'Oréal called "Paparazzi Pleaser" I created a simple and chic design to go with the purple. Just an easy half moon using some school supplies. Yes, school supplies! Check it out. :)

I used three thin coats of "Paparazzi Pleaser" and then I just used a paper reinforcement sticker at the base of my nail to create a guide for the half moon and added two coats of Zoya "Dove." This is my first half moon mani and I think I'm in love. What took me so long?! (Right, I never remembered to buy the guide stickers until tonight.) /Le sigh

Here is a quick swatch of the polish you could win today! Don't forget to enter giveaway day 1 and day 2 as well, good luck!

♥ Pooka

I will email the winner using the address provided and winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Ornament Nails and Giveaway Day 2

Giveaway day numbaaah two! *Enter for day number one here* Today is a stunning red from L'Oréal "Devil Wears Red" and it's a great holiday color! It's a little something different. It's not "classic red" it has something extra. Maybe it's a light shimmer? I can't put my finger on it. (but I can put it on my finger!) :D ok... here is the ornament nail art I did with it. Does it look like a fancy Christmas ball?

I used two coats of "Devil Wears Red" and stamped with go to gold, Maybelline "Bold Gold" using the fabulous MoYou London plate Tourist 07

One more shot. (These honestly didn't look blurry when I took them, I have no idea what is happening!!!) But I already have new nails on... so, alas, I have to use these. I really love this design, I may use it for my actual Christmas mani! (Maybe red is to IN YOUR FACE for Christmas?) I'm not sure.

On to the give away! Here is the polish that you can win today! (I swear, cross my heart, hope to die, these are not fake nails! They do look so fake here though!) Obviously, this is a shot of  L'Oréal "Devil Wears Red" sans the nail art. This is what you are winning today! Isn't the color awesome? It's almost crying for some Santa hats. 

Good Luck! ♥ Pooka

I will email the winner using the address provided and winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Banksy Grunge Nail Art and 6 days of giveaways! :)

Hi gals! I have a super special post today. I reached 100 followers on Tumblr the other day and I decided it was time for a giveaway! :) (I have since reached over 200 since I decided to do the giveaway!) I wanted to do something special so I decided to do 6 fun days of giveaways, featuring a nail design to accompany each one. ^^

I'll start with the art! The base color is L'Oréal "Stroke of Midnight" and the mani was inspired in part by Serene at Copy Cat Claws. She has some beautiful art and you should definitely visit her blog!

 I used Chalkboard Nails' Tutorial for distressed nails and added some stamping from MoYou London Rebel 03. I chose Banksy's Balloon Girl. I did the same image for my college art class two years ago, I just adore it! 

 (YES the time has come and passed to get a light box. I'm working on it! You'll have to just envision how beautiful they are.) 

And finally the swatch without the art.


Look at that gun medaly goodness! Pure steel. Can you see why it was calling for some grungy art? This is the first prize for the giveaway! I'll love to see what you can create with this polish. :D

In case you're curious, I used L'Oréal "Stroke of Midnight" as the base and layered Pure Ice "Siren" and Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" to create the distressed look. The stamp is done with Sinful Colors "Snow Me White." 

Good Luck! ♥ Pooka

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter is Coming.

Ha, I can't even lie. I'm such a poser. I don't watch Game of Thrones yet. YET! Key word. I was too involved with breaking bad to veer into another show and then school and work got in the way. (I'm full of excuses) but I did read the first book, does that count? ;)

For sure, winter is coming, can you see my dry old lady hands?! Yikes! But the mani was too cute not to share. So here she is, dry hands and all.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

'Tis the Season...

"My First Christmas-esque Nails"

I hope yule like these nails. I loved them so much, I wanted to present them to everyone. When I did, everybody said "holly crap, those look treemendous." In fact, one girl loved them so much, she was stocking me for a week to figure out how to do them. She didn't want the design on her fingers, but instead on her mistletoes. (Ok, i'm done.)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

MoYou London Time!

*If you would like to help me win don't pin directly from this site, instead, go here and and here like and repin both of my entries! Thank you for your support!*

Hello friends! I honestly didn't expect to be writing this post today. I have three, yes THREE Christmas / holiday themed manis that I still need to post, but alas, MoYou started a contest and I HAD to submit an entry. After all, I have ten of their plates hiding (brand new) in my polish boxes. So I whipped them out to create two complimentary manis with their plates to submit to the competition.

*The competition is on Pinterest! I get two points for each repin and one point for each like, so repin, share and like away!*

I will be doing a full review soon, but I wanted to get these up and in the contest so I have a fighting chance. If I win I get my choice of 6 new plates from their new fairy tale line. After all that, are you still wondering what MoYou is? It is a brand of nail stamping plates! They are so well etched and designed, I want them all. Buy ALL the plates!
 Check out their site here! MoYou.

Here are my two entries. (There will be more before the month is over!)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dotted Gradient Tutorial

Yay! My first nail tutorial! The lighting is a bit off because the photos were taken indoors ... at night. (for shame!) but in all honesty, the day light here has been pretty crummy and I've had three beautiful unposted manicures because I didn't have a sunny opportunity to take any photos. I'm getting kind of sick of letting my nice work go to waste! So I sucked it up and tried to make due with what I had. I did however post those three manis to my instagram because I feel I can get away with a slightly lower quality of photos on a tiny screen. (Read : Indoors + at night.) Anyway, that was a really long drawn out apology for the lighting in these photos, it's my first try so here's to improving with each step! :)

Click the picture to enlarge it!

1. Paint your fingers with the base color of your choice. I chose "L'Oreal Walk in the Sand." Use the lighter color or the polish that is more sheer to paint the base if you don't want to sponge on layer after later. Let dry.
2. On a make up sponge paint a thin line of the darker color and next to it, a thin line of the base color. This will help the colors create an even gradient. I used Zoya "Louise" for my dark color. Talk about a dreamy brown.  
3. Begin sponging the colors onto your nail with a side to side dabbing motion but dab slightly up and down too in order to blend the line between the light and dark polishes. Let dry and add a second coat, this time evening out the blending between the colors and to build up opacity if needed.
4. Grab a dotting tool and dip it in the base color.
5. Begin adding evenly spaced dots on the nail and put dots even where the base color is the same as the dot color, this helps to create the effect of the dots fading into the background.
6. Add a quick dry top coat to seal in your design and smooth out the sponge marks.
7. Clean up around your skin and cuticles with an eyeliner brush dipped in pure acetone, and now you're done!

Nail Tips: I use a latex sponge because it absorbs less polish creating less waste, but a non latex makeup sponge works well, too. 
You can also easily reverse the gradient and have the tips be dark and fade into light closer to your cuticle. Just paint the same colors on a new sponge with your base color at the tip of the sponge and your accent color above it.

My fiancé told me it looked like dinosaur skin, which I guess is a compliment, dinosaurs are pretty freaking sweet. However, if you don't want dino fingers, try different colors! A blue and white would be beautiful for winter and would be reminiscent of falling snow or fun party colors could look like confetti! Be creative!

What do you think of this kind of picture tutorial? Is it helpful? Would you like to see more posts like this? Tell me in the comments! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Great Gatsby Nails

Ah, the beautiful design of the Great Gatsby. Have you seen the poster for it? No? Go check it out! It's lovely and it's what inspired these nails! Yes, I know, it's been done before and I am late to the game. Well, I don't care, I loved these nails so much, I wore them for SIX days until a stud popped off. So without further adieu...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Walking Dead Nails!

Ahh, Breaking Bad is over, and now the only tolerable show on television is the Walking Dead, which lucky for me, i'm in love with! Thank God they haven't killed off Daryl. I'm team "Kill Daryl and We Riot."

Anywho, here is my humble homage to the best Zombie show on TV.
 (Warning, these pics were taken with a cell phone, *The horror, I know :C*, I feel shamed enough, don't push it, I had two impending tests and had no time to whip out the big guns, i.e. my Nikon.)

OK, enough cheese! Here they are. :)

*New* Sally Hansen Triple Shine Swatches and Review

I have a special post today! Mostly because I wanted to put a rush on it so you all could get a good polish deal if you so desired! I went to Walgreen's today.... Emmm, on very important business... And I happened to stumble into the nail polish aisle and saw the new "SallyHansen Triple Shine" polish display and I almost passed it by, until I saw it was on sale buy one and get one 1/2 off! (This sale ends today! So hurry to Walgreen's and grab some fun colors!) So I caved and grabbed two lovely shades, "Vanity Flair" and "Wavy Blue."

Here's what Sally Hansen says about their new line...'

 "Water to workout, day in and day out, nothing will dull these nails. The gloss is protected with the Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen, designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living for non-stop shine."

Now, what I say about their new line...

Friday, November 1, 2013

All Geared Up

"All Geared Up"
A simple steam punk manicure perfect for Fall.

Sunlight with steam punk watch earrings!
 This mani was inspired by my new Bundle Monster plates and my new (old) polish I just purchased, China Glaze "Agro." I saw some swatches from the 2012 China Glaze Hunger Games collection and I died, fell in love, searched for it, found it, bought it, it arrived and 
This lacquer is a metallic, glittery, shiny, gleaming polish of awesomeness. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sinful Colors "Savage" Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors "Savage"
A creamy blue that dries with a matte/satin finish


Halloween Gradiant

Hello friends! I'm glad you dropped in to look at my very first gradient! Isn't it sweet? Speaking of sweet, isn't Halloween right around the corner? Ton pis pour moi, I have school and work and I won't be doing anything of interest. :C At least I managed to get a nail design in for the holiday. You know what they say... 

"If a holiday comes and goes without a nail design commemorating it, was there really a holiday at all?" 
 Halloween Nail Gradient (With a bonus skelly!)

The lighting today was terrible and I wasted the sun yesterday, I chose a "dingy" lighting to accent the Halloween theme... and sorry my nails are chipped and dull  I chose the "rustic" look for my nails to showcase the .... "creepiness of the holiday."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sally Hansen "Gold Roses" Swatch and Review

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "Gold Roses 817"

A metallic rose gold that is more pink than copper
Makeshift macro
This is one of  my favorite shades from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2013 Collection. (Phew, that's a mouthful.) Gold Roses is from the Rent the Runway collection in which they released ten new polishes. This is a limited edition polish, so if you're a rose gold lover, you need to hurry up and get this!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sinful Colors SinfulShine "Break Away" Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors SinfulShine "Break Away"
Royal blue with a super shiny finish

Check out this beautiful royal blue! This is my first SinfulShine purchase from the Sinful Colors brand and I really like it.  I am not sure about the "gel tech" or what it is or if it's just words on a bottle.... (which I assume it is, I don't think there is anything "gel" or "tech" about this polish, but I haven't done any research.)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

80's Geometric

These nails came out of nowhere. I sat down with an entirely different vision and this is what came out. Conjures images of 80's caboodles, too tight spandex, and crazy patterned shirts. I should have done a disco ball on one finger.

The blue is photographing a little green, but know it's blue. ^^

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mosaic Nail Art

Here is my two tone dotticure or as some grossly call it "fish scales" Here, I chose to call it Mosaic! Doesn't it look like a tiled mosaic wall? Just a little? No? Okay....

Here it is!

My right hand is pink and my left hand is blue.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Honey Bee

"Oh oh my honey bee, I said oh oh my honey bee. Won't you save your honey baby, won't you save it all for me?  You're the buzz around my tree, you're the buzz around my tree and I've been waiting for so long you see to find somebody to satisfy me. " -Martin Harley Band

This mani was inspired by my new yellow polish from Sinful Colors "Unicorn". I started with a base coat of Sinful Colors and then I applied 3 coats of Unicorn. The black is Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and I created the bee line with my A.S.P Nail art brushes. 

The stripes on the bee were created using scotch tape that was cut into strips. (I really need some striping tape! :) I created the eyes with a dotting tool and Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" and I used the black with the tip of a pin to create the eyes.

The thumb was hand painted with the nail art brushes and topped off with L.A. Colors Art Deco "24 karat" and folks, this is my right hand! Yes I did indeed paint it with my non dominant hand.

It's glossed off with a quick dry coat of Seche Vite! 

See the swatch of the base color "Unicorn" here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

L.A. Colors Color Craze "Whipped" Swatch and Review

L.A. Colors Color Craze "Whipped"
A light nude color. If someone skinned me and made me into a polish... I would be Whipped. Hopefully with a better formula though. (That sounded a little more creepy than I had intended.)

I really adore this color. It's a creamy nude and it's darker than the other nudes that I own, yet it still maintains it's "nudeness" without looking brown.

Nude. Have I said nude enough yet?

Application 3/5 Okay. The brush had stray bristles. (Hopefully this isn't the case with most L.A. Colors polishes.)
Drying Time 3/5 Moderate. It dried at a descent rate. I applied thin coats and this helped. Although, even after about twenty minutes, each coat was a little tacky.
Texture 4/5 Good! It dried smooth and without any bubbles!
Pigmentation Standard. It was opaque after two coats.
Number of Coats 2 
Top Coat Added Seche Vite to speed drying time on second coat.
Price $1! Honestly can't beat that :)

Verdict - I would recommend this color. The staying power of the polish is sub-par and my brush was out of wack, but over all, how much can you complain about a beautiful nude ... (there it is again) polish that is only a dollar?

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth of July Manicure!

 Happy Birthday America! 
I'm here to celebrate. Corny - yes. Festive - yes.

So, anyways, here it is! It's completely free handed, as I have yet to invest in striping tape. : / It looks a mix between Uncle Sam's hat and the American Gladiator logo. (The latter my boyfriend pointed out, and it totally does!)

This was created using a base coat of Sinful Colors to prevent staining and every finger except my rings were painted with Sinful Colors "Snow Me White", the ring fingers were painted with a blue, Sinful Colors Sinful Shine with GelTech "Break Away" The free handed stripes were created with my asp nail brushes and my favorite red Pure Ice "Siren" I bought the little stars from Sally Beauty for about $3.50 and I think the brand was called a super generic "nail art"? I'm not positive. I threw the packaging away.

Ring Finger

The nails are topped off with a few coats of Seche Vite and the stars are almost flat.

I hope everyone will be celebrating this Thursday! Happy Fourth of July!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sinful Colors "Unicorn" Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
A light, buttery yellow

A color reminiscent of magical, mystical unicorns... Ok, well maybe not, but it does remind me of movie theater popcorn, freshly buttered waffles, sundresses, and brightly colored umbrellas, and possibly the color of the sky after a late day storm. Think clompy rain boots! :D Have you fallen in love with it yet?

Application 3/5 Okay, it applied a little streaky. To be fair, most yellows that I have tried do.
Drying Time 3/5 Moderate.
Texture 5/5 Smooth and creamy with a shiny and no bubbles!
Pigmentation Okay, It required a few coats to become opaque.
Number of Coats 3
Top Coat not added
Price $1.99 

Verdict - I like this color. It's a nice yellow in my collection. It's pale enough that it doesn't require extremely tanned skin. ( Which I literally NEVER have, I'm vampire colored most of the year. ) It's creamy and is a nice Summery pop of color. A nice change from the pinks I usually gravitate to. I would recommend it!

See the Honey Bee mani with this color here!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue and White Flowers

Another stamped mani this Saturday! I went to Walgreens and stocked up on Sinful Colors this week. They were two for three dollars. I bought eight in total and I've been playing around with different combinations.

Here is one of my favorite blues. Will you just look at how blue it is? Can a color be any more blue than that? I don't believe so. Anyway, I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and painted every finger except my ring with Sinful Colors "Savage" it is actually a matte color (swatches coming soon!) but transforms into this beautiful gloss with a quick top coat of Seche Vite ^^ The ring finger is painted with Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" 

The silver stamped color is Sally Hansen Instadri "Silver Sweep" This color definitely lives up to it's reviews as far as stamping goes. It shows so well! It's the best silver I've tried. The ring finger is stamped with Sinful Colors "Savage" and actually turned out better than expected, considering these plates are not brand name. 
Ok, now for the plates, I hate to do this but I have no idea the brand name of these! I bought them at Wal-Mart over  two years ago. I am fairly certain they are a knock off of a Konad design plate and you can find these flowers on one of their plates. I'll look into it. Maybe the brand name of these is Kiss? I'm not sure...

Is anyone else loving that blue? I can't think of a color that is more... completely blue than this. I think I'm in love :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A.S.P. Nail Art Brush Set Review

A.S.P. Nail Art Brush Set Review

I bought the A.S.P. Nail art brush set from Sally Beauty for... $10.99? They are incredibly useful and as a bonus, they are really adorable. :)

The set comes with four brushes and each brush has a plastic tube cover to protect the bristles and it comes with a plastic pouch to hold the brushes. 

See the swatch of my nails here!
They come with this adorable pattern printed on each :) 

The tips are fine and just stiff enough to control where the polish goes. 

Here are my gloppy swatches. I didn't pick the best polish to swatch with... but here they are! They can actually get finer than this, but as I said, the polish I chose wasn't the best. 

To wrap up, I love these. They make my nail art so much easier and I can toss my stripers. 

L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented Swatch and Review

L'Oreal "Royalty Reinvented"

-A positively perfect purple-
This creme polish is neither light nor dark but the perfect in between color and is a go to shade for Spring or Summer.

This is my favorite color purple. Look at how creamy it looks!

Application 5/5 Great! It glides on with zero issues, I've never had any bubbles or streakyness with this color.
Drying Time 3/5 Moderate. It dried at a pretty standard rate, maybe a little faster than other polishes.
Texture 5/5 Smooth and creamy with a shiny finish.
Pigmentation Great! It's almost opaque in one coat and completely opaque in two.
Number of Coats 2 -
Top Coat not added
Price $4.99? Part of the L'Oreal 2013 Spring collection.

Verdict - I adore all the colors I've bought from this collection, but this one is by far my favorite. I really love this shade and it's my favorite purple that I've ever used.