Saturday, July 26, 2014

MoYou: Henna Inspired

Today's post will be the last post without my light box (hopefully!) the shots I took last night looked a MILLION TIMES BETTER! :D but these aren't bad, so I thought i'd show them anyway.

Also, I firmly believe the biggest fault of this blog is that I don't have a posting schedule! I kind of post when I post and don't post when I don't. So I'm committing to two days a week, Saturday and Wednesday. I may post more if I have something pressing ;) but I'm committing to those two days. Hopefully that will help keep me on track!  

Onto the nails! :P

I used a base of 2 coats of OPI I've Got the Blues for Red and stamped with Mundo de Unas Gold.

For the plate, I used MoYou Tourist 20 which has quickly become one of my favorite plates! It's so gorgeous!

What do you think? Do you like these Indian style designs? Do you have this plate by MoYou? I can't wait to try those flowers with some led lighting. 

♥ Pooka

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OMD2 Day 8: Shimmer

Shimmahhh! I love shimmer polishes so it was really hard to pick on for today's post. I ended up choosing one of my new polishes from Colors by Llarowe. Let's take a look!

Monday, July 7, 2014

OMD2 Day 7: Holographic

Holo ladies, hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! I am. I got some stuff done today, including the next two prompts for this challenge. Woo! Blogger accomplishments. Lets jump right in to today's holographic design.

For this simple manicure I used all KB Shimmer polishes except the white, which is acrylic paint. I started with two coats of KB Shimmer In Bare Form, then I used to strokes of KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin' to create the V shape. With acrylic paint I created the dots using a dotting tool. Then, to seal in the design and smooth out the bumps I added a generous coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top!

These were loosly inspired by Lana Del Rey's nails. Woo, she has the cutest vintage style!

This is such a pretty beige color, I had to add a quick shot of In Bare Form in it's own glory. Look at that gorgeous linear holo. It subtle but in your face at the same time. Is that possible? I have decided if I made a polish out of my skin...this would be the exact color. Too much? Ok, i'll reel it back in. ;)

♥ Pooka

Sunday, July 6, 2014

OMD2 Day 6: Duochrome

Hey lovelies, today I did a mani that I adore! It was my first time doing a across the nail stamping + decals. Plus it gave me a chance to use one of my favorite brands, KB Shimmer. <3 I hope you enjoy it!

I started with three coats of Julep Sera, a purple, gray shimmer, as my base. For the decals I used Messy Mansion 29 and KB Shimmer Pigment of my Imagination for the body (the duochrome), ILNP Molly, for the fins, KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin' for the V on the head of the koi and KB Shimmer In Bare Form for the face. I used two coats of KB Shimmer Clearly on Top to smooth everything out.

The decals definitely didn't go on the nail without a hitch. There was crinkling, smearing, and bubbles, but overall I really loved the effect! Pigment of My Imagination really brings magic the the whole manicure. It makes it look like a real koi flashing in the light.

Did you catch that fabulous shift? Blue to purple in the koi? Ugh. I love it.

Have you joined in yet? Did I mention there is a prize for every day you complete? Check out #OMD2Nails on instagram to see everyone else's fabulous ideas!

♥ Pooka

OMD2 Day 5: Dark

Wait! I'm not late yet! It's still 11:00pm Alaska time. Day five is still happening strong up here. ;) Today's theme was dark. I chose the darkest polishes I have (using my growing but limited stash) This design was simple and was created before I had my stinkin nail art tools up here. Tell me what you think!

Friday, July 4, 2014

OMD2 Day 4: Bright (and festive!)

Hey ladies! Happy fourth of July and Happy Birthday U.S.A! I hope everyone has had a chance to chill with friends, watch fireworks, and have a ton of fun today! I've been working all morning. Ugh! Serving can be the worst sometimes. Though in more exciting news, my born pretty store order arrived yesterday and I finally got some nail art tools. (Brushes, striping tape, and dotting tools. YAY! Bring on the nail art!)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

OMD2 Day3: Lavender

Purchased by Me

Hi! So on to day three of OMD2 Challenge. If you're keeping up, this means today is Lavender! What an awesome color. Also, it gave me an excuse to use two of my favorite polishes by Julep. (As if I need an excuse to use these freaking amazballs colors.)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OMD2 Day 2: Coral

Purchased by Me

Hello again! Today I have a quick post for the OMD2 challenge. The day two prompt is Coral! So yesterday and today's post would have been fine! ;) It was actually pretty hard for me to find something to do for this day. I am without nail art tools (Seriously folks, I don't even have a "real" dotting tool) or many stamping polishes (Hurry, MdU polishes, I NEED YOU!)   So I tried a water marble and it turned out okay. I was pretty pleased. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KB Shimmer Chevrons: OMD2 Day 1 Mint

                                                                                                                                        Purchased by Me

Hello lovelies! Today I have a simple skittlet manicure using ALL KB Shimmer polishes, (besides my base coat!) I've recently found a new love for KB Shimmer. They have such lovely polishes, holos and cremes included! Though I've loved the brand for awhile, (It was my very first indie!) I've recently found a new appreciation for their polish because living in a remote location (Talkeetna, AK) all the mainstream polishes are either unavailable or won't ship to AK. So, I've returned to indies that will ship here, and KB Shimmer is the perfect option.

Also, I entered into a 31 day nail art challenge, in part because it will be a lot of fun but also because it will encourage me to post more! The challenge is called Oh Mon Dieu 2 Nails. At the bottom on this post, you can see all the other entries for today as well. Day 1's theme is Mint! Perfect for Summer! (And tomorrow is coral, so can I combine? ;) ) Feel free to check out all the detail of this challenge here, you can join in even if you're not a blogger! You can share on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media!