Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Gradiant

Hello friends! I'm glad you dropped in to look at my very first gradient! Isn't it sweet? Speaking of sweet, isn't Halloween right around the corner? Ton pis pour moi, I have school and work and I won't be doing anything of interest. :C At least I managed to get a nail design in for the holiday. You know what they say... 

"If a holiday comes and goes without a nail design commemorating it, was there really a holiday at all?" 
 Halloween Nail Gradient (With a bonus skelly!)

The lighting today was terrible and I wasted the sun yesterday, I chose a "dingy" lighting to accent the Halloween theme... and sorry my nails are chipped and dull  I chose the "rustic" look for my nails to showcase the .... "creepiness of the holiday."

LOL. In reality I did these nails on Saturday and didn't get around to photographing them until today... mind you, this is after cleaning (literally scrubbing) my bathroom and kitchen. So they have some edge wear. If you look at it from that perspective, they still look pretty good, huh? (It's all about the glass being half full ;)

I used Sinful Colors "Rich in Heart" for the black. This color has small specs of red shimmer in the right light, here, in practically the absence of light, it looks black. The sparkly red is Sally Hansen Insadri in "Red-io Active" This is going to be a great Christmas color! I created the gradient using the standard method of a makeup sponge. The Nailasaurus has a great tutorial here. I followed the tutorial except I painted the polish directly onto the sponge. I let it dry and stamped the skeleton on my ring and thumb. The image is from Bundle Monster CYO 2013 plates. (Which are awesome! Expect to see a lot more stamped manicures!) and topped it off with a coat of SV!

Happy Halloween!

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