Monday, October 28, 2013

Sinful Colors "Savage" Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors "Savage"
A creamy blue that dries with a matte/satin finish


Holy amaze-balls. I adore this color. Would you look at it with your eyeballs?! If you think it looks incredible matte, slather a thick, shiny top coat over that baby and your face will explode with excitement. If I wasn't a stainer (I invented a new adjective to describe nail polishes) I'd wear it all the time.

Check out the pictures with a top coat and a cute stamped mani over it here.

Application 4/5 This applied nicely and only took one coat, but beware, use a base as this polish stains like crazy.
Drying Time 3/5 Not fast nor slow. 
Texture 2/5 I don't have a lot of experience with matte polishes, so I don't know if this is normal or not, but it looked a little "lumpy" look at the above picture, can you see those small ripples? I didn't seem to self-level very well. The top coat did smooth this out, so if you are looking to shine them up, no worries about the lumpiness.
Pigmentation Great. This is one coat!
Number of Coats 1
Top Coat not added
Price $1.99 a Walgreens

Verdict - I adore this color. Just look at how blue it is! But I do prefer it with a shiny top coat over it. Here, I used Seche Vite and it smoothed everything out and made it super shiny. 

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