Sunday, February 9, 2014

AIS: Valentine's Day Nails

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There is an awesome Facebook group named Adventures in Stamping and thousands of talented ladies share their stamped manicures. Every Wednesday a new challenge is released and everyone who participates posts their manicures on Sunday - This week was Valentine's Day nails. I was inspired by all of their great stamping decal art so I thought I'd try my own.
Valentine's Day is coming up. Is anyone a fanatic? I'm not, I think in the seven years my fiancé and I have been together we've only went out once! He's bought me chocolate and what not before, but neither of us really make a big thing of it and for that I'm thankful! I have too much stuff as it is! However, I was feeling a little festive and whipped up some decals to go with the holiday. Tell me what you think!

Zoya Sooki

For these nails I used the stamping decal method. You can find a good tutorial here from Lucy's Stash. And she does some amazing art on her blog so check her out! :)
This was my first time doing a full decal on each nail so it was a little time consuming and hard to get each one flat, but I like the result! :)

For the stamps I used MoYou London's Pro 07 and Artist 10 to create these. I also used a slew of polishes for this manicure. If you want to know any specifics, please let me know in the comments!

Also, if you're looking to get yourself a present this Valentine's, Julep has a mystery box going on right now for everyone, not just mavens! It's $25 and you get $75 worth of products/nail polish. I really great way to try out their line, but the offer expires tomorrow on the 10th. - I got the mani lovers box, but they also have a pedi and makeup lovers, too! You can click here Cupid Mystery Box or on the picture below! 
♥ Pooka
Julep February Mystery

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