Friday, February 28, 2014

The Lacquer Legion: Adoration

So The Lacquer Legion is a monthly nail art challenge set up by the awesome Sarah from Chalkboard Nails and the best part is anyone is welcome to participate! The Lacquer Legion gives a prompt around the middle of the month and then posts their mani's once a month on the final day and everyone gets to see all the other artist's interpretations of the monthly theme. Isn't that fun? So I decided to participate this month and the theme is adoration! I really thought and thought before deciding, what do I adore? Art? The beach? Family? Spanish and linguisitcs? Photography? My cats? Nothing felt proper until I laid eyes on my fiance and I thought "now this is someone I adore." and so it was!  *Cue cheesy music*

These faces represent us and I'll tell you why, back when my then boyfriend, now fiancé, had to move away to Indiana for family related reasons, we needed some way to keep in contact besides just phone calls, so we thought of an awesome idea; we bought a blank book and began writing notes, drawing pictures, gluing in photos or anything fun or interesting. Then, every few weeks we'd send it to each other. It was like a monthly surprise and now it is such a cherished collection of memories from the early years of our relationship! 
This all relates to the faces because my fiancé used to sign his name with the "boy face" on the left and I told him I needed a face, too, and so it was! Girl face was born and they've been our "pseudonyms" ever since! Can you tell we're internet-ers? The inspiration is from the smiley face ^_^ or ^^.

Here's a closer look at the adorable faces - I have kissy lips AND eyelashes. Just what every girl needs. 

To compliment the faces I used KBShimmer in Oh Splat! Which is our relationship in a bottle. We love to be silly and clown around and to me this polish looks like a carnival, nail polish style. Also, fun fact, it was my FIRST indy polish AND guess who bought it for me? Yep, he did and even better, it was a surprise! :)

The polishes I used KBShimmer Oh Splat!, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Pure Ice Siren.

I hope you enjoyed this manicure and the story behind it, make sure to visit The Lacquer Legion's Facebook page to participate next month or just to see all the other pretty manicures!

The day after getting engaged this past year, 2013!
♥ Pooka


  1. Aww... That's the sweetest thing EVER!!! Love it! :)

  2. Hehe thanks :) Mixing my two worlds, nail art and real life/fiancé. ;)


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