Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A.S.P. Nail Art Brush Set Review

A.S.P. Nail Art Brush Set Review

I bought the A.S.P. Nail art brush set from Sally Beauty for... $10.99? They are incredibly useful and as a bonus, they are really adorable. :)

The set comes with four brushes and each brush has a plastic tube cover to protect the bristles and it comes with a plastic pouch to hold the brushes. 

See the swatch of my nails here!
They come with this adorable pattern printed on each :) 

The tips are fine and just stiff enough to control where the polish goes. 

Here are my gloppy swatches. I didn't pick the best polish to swatch with... but here they are! They can actually get finer than this, but as I said, the polish I chose wasn't the best. 

To wrap up, I love these. They make my nail art so much easier and I can toss my stripers. 

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