Monday, June 17, 2013

Sinful Colors "You Just Wait" Swatch and Review

Sinful Colors "You Just Wait"

A lovely pinkish duo chrome that boasts highlights of green and silver.

I'm going to start by being honest... duo chrome and sheer colors don't always flatter me, but I was pleasantly surprised by this color! It was both subtle and eye catching at the same time. It practically blended in with my skin tone unless my nails caught the light. 


Application 4/5 Good. Went on smoothly and didn't show any brush strokes.
Drying Time 3/5 Moderate. It dried at a standard rate, but I applied each coat very quickly and didn't allow each one to dry fully :/ So there was significant smudging after an hour and a shower later. 
Texture 2/5 Two of my fingers had major bubbles. I probably could have avoided it if I had painted my nails slower and allowed more drying time in between each coat.
Pigmentation Extremely Sheer. Which isn't a disadvantage. It would look really nice over a dark colored polish. It took three coats to reach a good opacity.
Number of Coats 4! Three made it opaque, but three of the fingers had major bubbles so I added another coat to  smooth it out.
Top Coat not added
Price $2
Verdict - Recommend! I like this color a lot and it's a nice "almost nude" option and Sinful Colors are so cheap!

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