Friday, November 1, 2013

All Geared Up

"All Geared Up"
A simple steam punk manicure perfect for Fall.

Sunlight with steam punk watch earrings!
 This mani was inspired by my new Bundle Monster plates and my new (old) polish I just purchased, China Glaze "Agro." I saw some swatches from the 2012 China Glaze Hunger Games collection and I died, fell in love, searched for it, found it, bought it, it arrived and 
This lacquer is a metallic, glittery, shiny, gleaming polish of awesomeness. 

It really compliments my skin, too. I suppose if my skin color had a name it would be something like "pale yellow sickly cream" and this green is more yellow than my skin tone hence, soaks up my yellow undertones and makes me appear more "normal colored." :)
 *This is my official scientific opinion.* 

Shade with my adorable elephant.
Secondly, the polish is named Agro for "District 11-agriculture" (if you are a Hunger Games fan, that might mean something to you.) and it's extremely appropriate because this color is so mossy! But I must say, when I read Agro, the first thing I thought of was World of Warcraft! How I miss MMOs! Are there any other nerdy nail lovers out there? :)

Last one with Sunshine to catch all those sparkles. 
 I used my China Glaze base coat and painted one (yes only one!) coat of Agro. Then I stamped the gears using the Bundle Monster CYO plates BM415 with Maybelline "Bold Gold" and as always, sealed it off with a rather thick coat of Seche Vite. (I definitely need a new bottle O_O)

Have you fallen in love with this color yet? Well, good news, although it most likely can't be found in stores any longer, you can find it on Amazon or for relatively cheap. 

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