Saturday, November 9, 2013

Walking Dead Nails!

Ahh, Breaking Bad is over, and now the only tolerable show on television is the Walking Dead, which lucky for me, i'm in love with! Thank God they haven't killed off Daryl. I'm team "Kill Daryl and We Riot."

Anywho, here is my humble homage to the best Zombie show on TV.
 (Warning, these pics were taken with a cell phone, *The horror, I know :C*, I feel shamed enough, don't push it, I had two impending tests and had no time to whip out the big guns, i.e. my Nikon.)

OK, enough cheese! Here they are. :)

For these nails I used a slew of different techniques, some of which I was trying for the first time. :)

Let's start with the easy ones, the blood splatter. I first created a gradient with SH CSM in a beige hue and made a sponge gradient on all my nails with the red from Pure Ice "Siren." after allowing that to dry, I stamped the blood splatter from the Bundle Monster "Create your own" set using Siren again. (Which was pretty opaque!

The middle finger, which is supposed to represent the prison from the current and last season was created with another BM CYO stamp with Sinful Colors "Black on Black."

The thumb and the ring finger were the most time consuming. I created these using a hand made decal method. Spektor's Nails has an awesome video tutorial for how to do it. Obviously, her decals turned out way better, but this is my first try and I say... not bad. :) The ring finger is SUPPOSED to be Rick, but let's be real, it looks like Shane. Ahh /sigh. On the other hand, the sheriff's hat turned out phenomenally.

Are you loving the new season?
 If you have any questions on how to do any part, just comment below! 

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  1. Break rules, not nailsMarch 17, 2014 at 4:04 AM

    Cooool, I LOVE this show!! Great nails too xx


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