Wednesday, July 3, 2013

L.A. Colors Color Craze "Whipped" Swatch and Review

L.A. Colors Color Craze "Whipped"
A light nude color. If someone skinned me and made me into a polish... I would be Whipped. Hopefully with a better formula though. (That sounded a little more creepy than I had intended.)

I really adore this color. It's a creamy nude and it's darker than the other nudes that I own, yet it still maintains it's "nudeness" without looking brown.

Nude. Have I said nude enough yet?

Application 3/5 Okay. The brush had stray bristles. (Hopefully this isn't the case with most L.A. Colors polishes.)
Drying Time 3/5 Moderate. It dried at a descent rate. I applied thin coats and this helped. Although, even after about twenty minutes, each coat was a little tacky.
Texture 4/5 Good! It dried smooth and without any bubbles!
Pigmentation Standard. It was opaque after two coats.
Number of Coats 2 
Top Coat Added Seche Vite to speed drying time on second coat.
Price $1! Honestly can't beat that :)

Verdict - I would recommend this color. The staying power of the polish is sub-par and my brush was out of wack, but over all, how much can you complain about a beautiful nude ... (there it is again) polish that is only a dollar?

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