Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mosaic Nail Art

Here is my two tone dotticure or as some grossly call it "fish scales" Here, I chose to call it Mosaic! Doesn't it look like a tiled mosaic wall? Just a little? No? Okay....

Here it is!

My right hand is pink and my left hand is blue.

I used too many polishes to list here. I literally pulled out every pink shade and every blue shade that I own and sorted them out a chose my favorites. I used a dotting tool for each pretty dot. I would pick a color and dot each nail with it and by the time I got to the fifth finger, my first finger was dry and ready for another color. I didn't use a base color, I started with a plain nail with only a clear base coat on. It gives the nails a more "jelly" look than opaque.  

I used a base coat from China Glaze and topped off and smoothed the manicure with a coat of Seche Vite! It really didn't take as long as it looks, 30 minutes maybe? I was watching tv, so I wasn't exactly counting seconds. I'll be doing a review on the China Glaze base coat soon, Spoiler Alert. I love it.

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