Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mint Chevrons + Messy Mansion Plate 12 Review

The new year has begun and I have had it up to here (points to eyeballs) with the dark nail lacquers! I'm so ready for Spring. Though, isn't that the way it always goes? In the Winter I'm ready for Spring colors, in the Spring I'm bored with pastels and I want bright Summer colors and... as habit would have it, yes you've guessed by now, in the Summer I'm ready for the colors of Autumn. So here I am, mid January with pastels. I hope you can appreciate it anyways. ;)

More pictures after the jump...

I normally don't enjoy bottle shots, but common! That pink and aqua look so nice together.

I'll start with a quick review of the beautiful Messy Mansion stamping plates. Above is MM12 "The Chevron" Plate. As you can probably see, I used the rightmost image. 

So, unless you are brand spanking new to the nail art/stamping world, you've probably heard of Messy Mansion. Now, I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said about these plates... they are amazing! The etching is perfect every time. Yes, you read that right, every time. The designs are unique and well thought out and the plate is jam packed with designs! The owner of Messy Mansion, Julia, certainly tries not to waste space with these plates! Oh, did I mention also that Julia is pretty sweet herself? She is in a stamping group that I participate in on Facebook and one day she asked for suggestions for her newest plates, and guess what? After I, and others, asked for a map/pirate plate, she CREATED ONE! What the crap! Have an awesome idea for an image? I'd send the suggestion her way. :D

Ok, onto the mani that I created using the Messy Mansion 12 plate!

A simple chevron in celebration of Spring! (That is really far off) How cute are those stinkin zigzags?!

 I used my regular base by China Glaze then added three coats of OPI I Theadora You (2013 Wizard of Oz collection), the glitter is Julep Clio and the stamping color is Julep Dianna (You can read my latest Julep review and get a free Julep nail polish box here.) I really love the mint against the baby pink. It reminds me of Easter or my fiance thought cotton candy. I topped it off with a coat of SV. (This is actually four days old! So the shine isn't exactly as it would be brand new, but FOUR days of wear. Pretty impressive huh?)

Wew! Talk about fancy hands! I'm just adoring all the sparkle. Cilo is a glitter with pinks and purple and just so cute and delicate, perfect to match my purdy ring. I especially love that pinky and pointer in the top left. 

Arrgh, I'm so ready for Spring! If you're having the Winter blues too, make some hot coco, grab a blanket and check out http://www.messymansion.com.au/ and get some pretty nail plates to play with while you have to stay inside! I'm dying for MM18 and MM29. Have you tried Messy Mansion plates? What ones are you lusting after?

Stay warm, stay polished!
 ♥ Pooka


  1. Very cute colors! And I'm glad to find out that Julep polish can stamp well! I'll have to check if I have this color though :) I have MM09 and MM21, and wish I had more than just those two, they are of such great quality!

    1. Thanks Sana! Obviously I immediately had to go look at which ones were MM09 and MM21! Ummm, that water is just like the famous paining The Great Wave! I need the plate just for that! Also, those scales are pretty sweet. My fiance loves castles, I think I need to add that to my "need list." lol

      Yeah, I was surprised about the Julep polish stamping as well, some are thicker than others! I picked up a few over cyber monday and need to test them out! :)


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