Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blazing in Brazil

Hello Spring beauties! Are you suffering the cold front, too? Yesterday there was snow falling from the sky and flowers falling from the trees as I walked to my car. It was an interesting juxtaposition! It seems like it may be warming up a little, and I surely hope it does. My brother's outdoor wedding is in just over two weeks! Cross your fingers for us that it's warm for the ceremony and reception.

I literally JUST glanced up at the "Title bar" on this page and came up with this outrageously corny name. I used two colors from OPI's Brazil collection, so I thought, Brazil! I was trying to summon the warm weather gods with this one, doesn't look like it worked. : /

Here I have done just a simple stamped manicure over a pretty/cheesy gradient. I say cheesy because it really reminds me of an airbrushed beach t-shirt. I'm sure anyone who lives in the South of the U.S. Has probably vacationed in Panama City Beach, Florida, and these dusty, sunset gradient t-shirts are everywhere. Everywhere. I should have slapped a dolphin on it and I probably could have received commission. ;) 

For the background I used a sponged on gradient in yellow, Sinful Colors Unicorn, orange, OPI Toucan Do It If You Try, and coral, OPI Where did Suzi's Mango? After sponging on a few layers (3) I stamped in Maybelline Bold Gold, using Messy Mansion 12 for the chevrons and Bundle Monster 401 for the bird. The glitter on my pinky is Orly Lavish Bash.

I hope your Spring has sprung and that you're getting nothing but sunshine! 
 ♥ Pooka 


  1. Snow, wow, here in Transylvania it is raining but the temperatures are OK.
    About your mani, it gives me a tropical summer feeling because of the colors, absolutely love it!
    Wish you a great weekend!

  2. Aw, thank you so much! I hoped it would warm someone up! I needed a warm pick me up in this cold front. Luckily, the weather has begun to warm. (A little!) I hope that the rain passes - I can't stand yucky weather when it's supposed to be warming up.

  3. I know this post is old as hell but I looove this color combo!


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