Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plaid Nails for Christmas

Ahh plaid. The pattern of old man jammies everywhere - Isn't it perfect for my Winter Christmas nails? I've been playing around with so many different options to use for Christmas day at my fiancé's parents. I don't think theses are Christmas day winners, but I love them none the less.

These were actually inspired by another blogger but I follow so many the blog name is escaping me! Though, it's not terribly original so I don't think she'll mind if I tag her later. : /

Don't look at the pointer I say, don't look! /smh I can't believe my stupid top coat smudged it. You ladies will know what I mean... I wanted to use Seche Vite, but my nails had already dried so I used a regular topper and THEN topped it with SV. Bad idea. :C

*Tip* To get straight lines, try resting both hands on a flat surface and rolling you nail under the brush as apposed to moving the brush. It makes for much neater lines!*

That is all!. I hope your Christmas morning is full of fuzzy jammies!
♥ Pooka

P.S. Would you like to see the polishes used in the lower left of the post, after all the pictures and text, or do you like it in the main body of text?

Green - Zoya Hunter
Red- Pure Ice Siren
White - Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Beige - Sally Hansen CSM Earl Gray

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