Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve Nails

Purchased by Me

Hello friends! I simply can't believe that New Years Eve is upon us. Did the year really begin and finish? Was I awake for any of it? O_O Anyway, I created this look because what says NYE more than black and glitter? Nothing, I say! So here you have it. I hope you enjoy.

I started with my favorite base coat by China Glaze and added two coats of this beautiful Zoya Storm on my middle, ring and thumb. I really can't say enough about this color, it's so beautiful! It's almost a black jelly base with tiny holographic glitter mixed in. But, to make it even more special, the glitter is shaped like glass shards instead of uniform pieces. I think I like it so much in part because it takes the harshness away from wearing black polish and creates a more delicate, everyday wearable look.

Next I added another favorite of mine, Zoya Tomoko to my pointer and pinky. Holy crap. This is such a beautiful color. It glitters and shines and is simply perfect. I'm partial to this color as it was my very first textured polish. It's truly fitting for the holidays, but completely awesome any other time of year as well.

Over Storm I added China Glaze Glistening Snow to the tips with a sponge, creating a gradient. Then, for my final step I added three gems. I really loved this additional step, it reminds me of the ball dropping!

I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!

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