Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Snow and Nicole by OPI - Giveaway Day 6!

These six days have been so much fun! I need to do giveaways more often. It really inspired me to keep posting momentum. Today brings us to the sixth and final giveaway. Does anyone remember why they started? I reached over 100 followers on Tumblr, but I have since surpassed 230! I think that's pretty freaking neat. So thank you to all my Tumblr followers, and to everyone who follows anywhere else, thank you for your support!

ONWARD to the polish!
Today I bring you one last Nicole by OPI and she's named "Always a Silver Lining" and I believe this one comes from the core collection. It's a beautiful frosty white/silver/blue shade that is simply freaking perfect for winter. Here I did some stamping art with MoYou Festive 04.

I stamped with Zoya "Blu." I was trying to achieve that subtle mani look, but I may have over achieved it. I don't think the design was noticeable unless you were on top of my nails. However, I enjoyed them anyways.

After a trip to Sally's, I bought my FIRST EVER Orly polish and I needed to add it to this mani. It's a sparkling gold holo glitter. (pack all the things into one polish!) I really liked the effect. The glitter brought a little life to the muted manicure and it definitely added to the "glittering snow, winter wonderland" look on my nails.

Finally, here is a swatch without any art of the polish you that can win today! I really hope that everyone has enjoyed these six days as much as I have, and I hope even more that by asking you to follow me on ALL the platforms, maybe some future art of mine can inspire you!

Thanks so much for participating with me and best of luck!
♥ Pooka

P.S. If you've missed any days, you can enter here - Giveaway day 1day 2day 3day 4day 5.

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  1. I Love PASTELES! Is the Puertorrican version of tamales... And the fact we celebrate in family and also the famous Coquito which is like eggnog but without the the eggs and we add Bacardi rum ;) Happy Holidays!

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is my dad reading us the Christmas story from the book of Luke. His dad read it to him and his brother when they were kids. Now that my sisters and I are all grown and older, he does it over the phone or FaceTime. I read it to my daughter too. It's my favorite part of Christmas.

  3. My favourite holiday tradition is having all the family round on Boxing Day and having the 'christmas quiz' they have taken a variety of shapes but I think the best ones involve short snippets of the current christmas adverts and getting relatives to guess/remember what brand they advertise! Believe me some of the adverts without the end are very odd.

  4. Favorite holiday tradition is making a special dinner for the family, as many as we can gather up!

  5. I received my giveaway prize yesterday! So pretty - thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!


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