Saturday, December 7, 2013

'Tis the Season...

"My First Christmas-esque Nails"

I hope yule like these nails. I loved them so much, I wanted to present them to everyone. When I did, everybody said "holly crap, those look treemendous." In fact, one girl loved them so much, she was stocking me for a week to figure out how to do them. She didn't want the design on her fingers, but instead on her mistletoes. (Ok, i'm done.)

I did these nails over Thanksgiving break! They were so fun, I'm sorry about the quality of the photos. I tried REALLY hard to capture good ones, but the sun was just not shining and I couldn't stay outside any longer. The flu stinks. :(

I started with two coats of Zoya "Hunter" (the most spectacular winter green) and I used the decal method to create the fishtail on the middle and ring fingers. (Wacky Laki has a really good tutorial!) The braid is Sally Hansen Insta Dri "Red-io Active", Maybelline "Bold Gold", and Zoya "Hunter." I just placed each piece, beginning at the bottom and working my way to the tip of my finger, keeping the nail wet with a clear polish as I went! Then I sealed everything in with a coat of SV.

What do you think? Does this scream Holiday? Or is it more subtle and appropriate for anytime of year? My family seemed to think it only suggested Christmas.

Thanks for looking and comment if you have any questions!

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