Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheetah Nails and Giveaway Day 4!

So, I think Cheetah is ... out? I don't know. I can't keep up with trends. What I do know is that it's a step outside my comfort zone. Are you kidding me? Pink cheetah? Who are you?! Though it may have something to do with this amazing Betsey Johnson cheetah and rose print wallet that I fell in love with recently but didn't buy because I don't NEED a wallet. (the life of being an adult : / ) Anyways, this has to be my favorite giveaway polish so far, it's Nicole by OPI "A Phil's Paradise" from the Modern Family collection, it's just so metallic and mirco-glittery!

I added this funky cheetah print on top ... do people still say funky as in cool? Why am I so old?! Anyway, I think it would be perfect for parties or something of the like. It's playful and I'm in love with the pink spots.

Here is my cat. She does not appear to be pleased. The pink spots are Ciaté "Kiss Chase" and the black lines are Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and I created some misshapen dots with my dotting tool and painted some irregular C shapes around them with my nail brush kit. The Ciaté polish was such a find, I was literally thinking about how much I wanted one of their polishes with that ADORABLE bow on it, and the next day I found it at TJ Maxx and it was the first time i'd ever seen that brand! Bizarre. I'll be doing a review soon because I bought a whole Ciaté kit! :)

Here is the polish without the nail art on it. Pretty freaking sweet, huh? Looks so shiny! 

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  1. I Love reds and silver's. Thanks :)

  2. I'm totally gonna win one of these. hahaha

  3. My favorite go to winter color is red. It's just so bright and festive! I did a red glitter gradient over My Boyfriend Scales Walls and right now I'm wearing candy canes. I think I might do another glitter gradient of red nails with gold glitter. I just love red in the winter!

  4. I love red! OPI's Big Apple Red is just my favourite colour ever :)

  5. Ahh, every glitter ever. Gold glitter in particular, Color Club Gingerbread :)

  6. Frosty blues, reds, and of course, glitter and shimmer!


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