Monday, July 7, 2014

OMD2 Day 7: Holographic

Holo ladies, hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! I am. I got some stuff done today, including the next two prompts for this challenge. Woo! Blogger accomplishments. Lets jump right in to today's holographic design.

For this simple manicure I used all KB Shimmer polishes except the white, which is acrylic paint. I started with two coats of KB Shimmer In Bare Form, then I used to strokes of KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin' to create the V shape. With acrylic paint I created the dots using a dotting tool. Then, to seal in the design and smooth out the bumps I added a generous coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top!

These were loosly inspired by Lana Del Rey's nails. Woo, she has the cutest vintage style!

This is such a pretty beige color, I had to add a quick shot of In Bare Form in it's own glory. Look at that gorgeous linear holo. It subtle but in your face at the same time. Is that possible? I have decided if I made a polish out of my skin...this would be the exact color. Too much? Ok, i'll reel it back in. ;)

♥ Pooka

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