Monday, September 15, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0: Day 5 Black and White

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Hello friends! A real quick update before I jump into day five. Some of you may have noticed I missed posting on Saturday. Due to some unusual circumstances, we (Fiance and I) were set to leave Alaska on Saturday, but we were made to leave our cabin (pack and move everything) on Friday. So we were pretty frantically packing and preparing to leave an entire day before we thought we had to. Luckily for us, we made some pretty awesome friends that not only let us stay the night but helped us move all of our stuff. So on Friday when I was supposed to be preparing a post, I was packing my stuff from the past 4 months (including shipping close to 100 polishes! Eek!) 

Onto the art! Today's prompt is Black and White. I once saw someone do a book. I believe chalkboard nails? If you know the link, please send it to me! Obviously, her's was a million times better, but I wanted to try something similar. 

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and then I used black acrylic paint to create the pages. The grey is supposed to represent the pages, though it was tough for me to translate that.

For the feather or quill and the words on the pages I used Messy Mansion MM24 and MdU Black (now being sold at  To create a more "book-like" feel, I used OPI Matte Top Coat to make the pages look more like paper. Overall I think this is a cute idea, but if I ever tried it again, I'd try to think of a way to create more "real" looking pages.

Have you been participating in the 31 Day Challenge? Remember, you can see my and many other talented bloggers 31 Day Challenge nail art by using the hashtag #31DC2 on Instagram.

You can also see the other manicures I created for this challenge by clicking here.

♥ Pooka

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  1. Very creative design and I absolutely love the feather on your thumb!


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