Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two Moons Negative Space Nail Art

Hi ladies. I'm finishing out my last days in Alaska doing lots of nail art! It's so dreary and cold here that all I want to do is stay inside. So, I guess that's good for my blog, I can stock up on some posts! We ride the Alaska Railroad on Saturday and fly out late Sunday night to visit the fiance's parents in Indiana, so I'm excited to get some family time in and of course visit with my cutie kitties Milk and Roomi. ♥ 

Today I did a two moon manicure that i've seen around recently. Chalkboard nails did a color blocking design similar to this, but I chose to do some negative space.

I freehanded each moon, the bottom is Julep Rebecca and the tip is Julep Winter. Unfortunately, I have a little bit of staining... but eh... it happens? :) This was my first negative space manicure and I don't know quite how I feel about it! I liked it a LOT more after the OPI Matte Top Coat. It was kind of fun and mod and different, but I think I'll try less "nail" next time I do negative space.

Here's a quick shot of the glossy version. Matte looked SO. Much. Better.

What are you're thoughts on negative space manicures? Let me know below :D

♥ Pooka

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