Wednesday, September 3, 2014

CrowsToes Indian Summer

Happy hump day, hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. Lucky for me it's my Saturday! (As a server, you always get weird weekends.) Though in personal news, I'm finishing my final week at my current job and going to be headed home to Tennessee very soon! I'm very excited to see my kitties again (and family, too, of course)!

Today I am sharing a swatch of CrowsToes Indian Summer

This is my first polish from this brand and I love it! Shown in three coats, this polish is a strong multi chrome shifting from purple, to blue, to a prominent red.

I tried to capture all the shifts here, but honestly it's even more shifty than I could photograph here. It's absolutely stunning. If you only own one multi chrome, I suggest that Indian Summer be it!

Since this purchase I've added quite a few more CrowsToes to my wish list. They really just have some unique polishes.

You can up to date with CrowsToes with the links below
♥ Facebook or shop at ♥ Llarowe 

P.S. Llarowe is having a CrowsToes restock TODAY September 3rd 12:00pm MDT and again at 7:00pm MDT! You can snag your own bottle of Indian Summer :D

♥ Pooka

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