Monday, September 1, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0: Day 1 Red or Orange

Wow, that's a long title. But here's the deal, I'm participating in another challenge! Last time I tried a challenge it didn't turn out so well. I lasted 8 days. D: Yikes! However, this one is a little more lenient, we're only posting two days a week: Mondays and Thursdays, so that will be 8 looks a month! For me, with my limited internet situation, this schedule will work out a lot better AND I'll be able to put more time into each look because I won't be so worried about "pumping out posts." It's called the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0. It's a spin off or "enhancement" of the 31 Day Challenge that lots of bloggers will be doing this month. You can find out all the details here at Will Paint Nails for Food. It was curated by three talented bloggers! 

You can participate too on any platform, Facebook, instagram, blogger, what ever you use. We're using the hashtag #31DC2 

Day one is Red or Orange (Full schedule listed at the end of this post!)

For this look I used Julep Myriam, black acrylic paint, and Orly Luxe. (Olry Rage's golden sister)

I just used a striping brush to create an X on my nail in black then outlined it with Luxe, pretty simple but it makes a statement! :)

What do you think of this nail art? Pretty simple right? Will you be participating in this challenge, too? Let me know in the comments so I can follow you and see your creations!

You can also see the other manicures I created for this challenge by clicking here.

♥ Pooka


  1. I like the outcome of your nail art, it looks cool and edgy. I am curious about your next challenge manicures!

  2. Thank you Manases! I have the next couple planned out already! I'm excited about this challenge because we're only posting twice a week so I believe I will be able to finish this one. :)


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