Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amazing Chic Nails: Autumn Collection

Helloooooo! Today I have a special post that includes three polishes from a new-to-me indie brand Amazing Chic Nails made by the talented Fiona! She began her shop in March of this year and that makes each one of these polish even more impressive! All of her lacquers are vegan, cruelty and 3 free, and are NEVER tested on animals!  

The two full size polishes are from her new Autumn collection which is releasing on September 1st and the mini is from her Late Summer collection. Lets jump right into the swatches!

First we have Buckingham Palace a beautiful purple creme polish has a gorgeous delicate iridescent peach-violet shimmer to it. Shown in 4 thin coats. This is such a stunner. In the bottle it looked like a regular purple but on the nails the shimmer came out to play and it almost appeared as if I were looking at my nails underwater. Hard to explain but it had a delicate color/duochrome shift quality to it or like shimmer suspended in jelly.  

This purple is just so vibrant and has that "glows from within" quality to it.

King’s Road is a rich gold crème base. Shown in 2 coats. POW! This is an attention grabbing gold. Formula was awesome - just two easy coats and the shimmer makes it a real stunner. I will definitely be using this is some nail art soon! (I'm thinking King's Road and Buckingham palace will make the perfect pair for Mardi Gras nails!

My first thought was yellow, but this is truly glowing and golden! I feel like royalty wearing this color. King Midas anyone?!

Falling Leaves is an Autumn inspired glitter topper featuring various brown, gold, 
red, and orange glitters. Shown in 1 coat. I saved my favorite for last! How pretty is this glitter topper? Looking in the bottle I thought the glitter would be sparse, but wow. A brush stroke packs the perfect punch. I layered it over two coats of Formula X Dynamic. The same combination I used in my fox nail art last week. P.S. this is WITHOUT a top coat. All that shine is from the polish. :D

Isn't that so pretty for Fall? Reminds me of October in Tennessee. <3 

King's Road and Falling Leaves will be releasing on September 1st at along with 5 other polishes in the Autumn collection. Each lacquer is 15ml and retails for $10 a piece or $60 for the entire Autumn Collection. (That's a savings of $10 *An entire polish for free*) 

If you want to be updated on Amazing Chic Nails newest collections you can find her contact info below:

Shop  Facebook
♥ Twitter @TheAmazingChic
♥ Instagram: @AmazingChicNails and #amazingchicnails
♥ Email:

Will you be picking up any of these beauties during the release? You can view the entire collection here. I'm so in love with that that shimmery blue and red and the jelly blue with glitters. WOW! Gorgeous. :D Hope you enjoyed my swatches and tag me @PolishedPooka if you grab any of these indies up, I'd love to see you Amazing Chic manicures! 

♥ Pooka


  1. Oh yay! Isn't that awesome that they're vegan? I was truly impressed with each of these, but the glitter is my favorite! The golden really glows though, doesn't it? These are going to be available on her site on the 1st, and I think she ships world wide, you should pick up that golden one, I'm sure I'd would look awesome on you!

  2. The purple looks so good on you!

  3. Thank you Jessica, I really loved this color! Thee pink from the summer collection is similar and I want to try it, too! I love the summer brights.

  4. Kings Road is so bright and unique. I'm sure it isn't every one's color, but I love it!!

  5. I know exactly what you mean! Even at first I thought to myself that I am way to yellow-toned to pull this color off, but when I put it on I really liked how royal of a color it was. Very unique shade and beautiful application!


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