Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pahlish: La Belle Endormie

Coocoo les filles! Today I'm featuring my very first Pahlish. Pahlish is an indie brand that is new to me, but not to many of you, I believe she is pretty popular! However, I'm still kind of new to the indie world, so lots of them are new to me!

I'm going to be honest, this was an impulse purchase, I saw a swatch and said I NEED THAT! and then bought it. That's pretty much the entire story. ;)

Pahlish La Belle Endormie is a purple jelly that is jam packed (pun intended ^^) with golden shimmer. The shimmer is actually most visible than my pictures captured. This is two easy coats! No dragging, no pooling, just easy peesy!  

I also was fond of the name - Sleeping Beauty in French. I took two years of French in college and remember none of it, so it always excites me when I can understand something, even if it's simple. :)

After purchasing this bottle, I am a committed Pahlish customer. She does bespoke batches of polish (very limited edition) and she does them on pre-order on Fridays at her shop. I bought *ehem 5* of them the other day. >.> including on from her sale section. (I'll be posting swatches of those when I return home to Tennessee!) I really recommend going to check out her store, she makes some really beautiful, unique lacquers!

Here's a bottle shot just for funsies! How pretty and sparkly! I love it!

Say updated with Pahlish with the links below and you can catch some of her awesome bespoke batches, too!
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